Specialists at Rhenus Lub are employing state-of-the-art analytics to make the process of selecting and maintaining the most appropriate high-performance lubricants even easier and more transparent for their customers. During the third Aachen Coolant Conference at RWTH Aachen University, Dr Hans Jürgen Schlindwein, Head of the Coolant Laboratory at Rhenus Lub, presented the benefits of precise fluid analytics for the metalworking industry.

In order to produce modern processing machines quickly, reliably and economically, the cooling lubricant used must be perfectly matched to the material, tool and environmental conditions. “Emulsions are mixtures that should achieve optimum performance in the most demanding conditions. We use sophisticated methods that break down all chemical compounds to the smallest particles. Users can then rely on research-based evidence when selecting the correct lubricant.”

This additional information is also greatly beneficial to users when monitoring coolants during the production process. “As a special service, we regularly check the quality of the coolants used by our customers by taking samples during production. The latest analytics provide us with the opportunity to identify any problems arising from the adjustment and maintenance of the fluids much more quickly than ever before. We can then initiate specific countermeasures in a timely and targeted manner, which increases the safety of the entire metalworking process.”

As most aspects of process analytics from Rhenus Lub are automated, users receive high-precision evaluations and detailed instructions for optimum coolant adjustments overnight. For example, users are therefore able to determine the rate at which coolant concentrations need to be topped up with an even greater degree of precision, thereby minimising fluid maintenance costs and extending the service life of tools and lubricants.

Process analytics is also an important prerequisite for rhenus lubrineering — a further development in the fluid management process. “Based on our parameter system, we can control the quality of the coolants used exactly”, says Dr Schlindwein. Thanks to the analytics, Rhenus Lub can recognise even the smallest deviations from the standard values. For Rhenus Lub customers, this means an even more reliable and efficient production process.