Lubricants from Rhenus Lub are synonymous with quality, innovation and optimum performance. To ensure that demanding production companies around the world are able to rely on high-performance products, Rhenus Lub maintains a network active on a global scale: With its own subsidiaries and more than 30 sales partners, the company has a global presence around the world with its high-performance products that are “made in Germany” — and stays true to its maxim of always being close to its customers.

Consistently high quality

For machining industries around the world, having outstanding products at their disposal is a key part of achieving successful production. The experts at Rhenus Lub work in state-of-the-art laboratories to develop and produce first-class lubricants — lubricants that customers in various countries can rely on thanks to the tight sales network and superior standards when it comes to quality assurance. The crucial factor here is achieving a consistently high level of quality with products, regardless of where they are used. If product quality is consistently high, customers can rest assured that their production process is reliable at every point and will deliver workpieces of outstanding quality. This is a particular benefit for companies using rhenus lubricants both within Germany and at sites around the world.

Optimum support, even across international borders

However, product quality is not the only crucial factor here. Customers can also be sure of receiving excellent support, even across international borders. Whether it‘s help with choosing the right product or providing expert support: The experts at Rhenus Lub are always on hand to provide a helping hand and set themselves apart with their flexible approach to work. It is thanks to this approach that Rhenus Lub is able to offer rapid deliveries in line with fixed deadlines, user-friendly batch sizes and the scope for individual orders.

What‘s more, by extensively transferring knowledge and offering tailored training programmes, Rhenus Lub ensures that its subsidiaries and international sales partners boast the same level of service expertise and knowledge about lubricants as the experts based in Germany — a crucial factor in maintaining excellent standards when it comes to supporting customers around the world.

Tailored to local requirements

Many areas of international business have come to be defined by both country-specific legislation and the individual characteristics of the relevant countries. However, with its in-depth knowledge of the market, Rhenus Lub is ideally positioned to tackle these challenges. Our international team is familiar with all aspects of the lubricant market for the country in which they operate, offering a unique portfolio of products that is consistently tailored to local needs and requirements. If, for example, a product cannot be used in a particular country due to the ingredients it contains, the team will work with the Research and Development department to always find a suitable alternative product.

Similarly, Rhenus Lub takes great care to ensure products have the correct declarations, and checks the documentation that accompanies products to ensure it is complete and has been prepared with the particular country in mind. As a result, customers can import the required products through a simple and efficient process, and plan with a greater level of reliability.

Example from Great Britain: New distributors ensure comprehensive supply

Rhenus Lub has recently increased its number of distributors active in Great Britain. In addition to Carillon Industrial Services Ltd, there are several new partners now offering support in all lubricant matters in the UK, including Advanced Cutting Tools Ltd, Matrix Tooling Services Ltd, Peter Campbell (Sales) Ltd and West Country Tool Co. Ltd.

“By bringing our new distributors on board, we are now in an even better position to comprehensively supply customers in the UK with our high-performance products”, explains Hans van Gerwen, International Sales Manager at Rhenus Lub. This is an important step to have taken; after all, the market in the UK is particularly attractive to Rhenus Lub: “Whether it is the construction of aircraft or the production of Formula 1 engines — many applications in this market involve state-of-the-art technology. This is precisely the technology for which our high-performance coolants and lubricants have been specially produced”, Hans van Gerwen goes on to say.

The range of products available in the UK includes advanced coolants and grinding oils that are ideal for machining, grinding and deep-drilling operations for a wide range of materials. In addition to products approved for the aviation industry, rhenus FU 800 is also available throughout the UK. This product is suitable for universal use and is free from labelling requirements.


A local presence around the world: Thanks to the Rhenus Lub subsidiaries and sales partners

Hans van Gerwen
International Sales Manager

Telephone +49 2161 5869-90

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