Dr Udo Quotschalla heads up research and development at Rhenus Lub

Dr Udo Quotschalla has been head of research and development at Mönchengladbach-based lubricant specialist Rhenus Lub GmbH & Co KG since 1 February 2012. This key position means that he is now responsible for the future challenges central to the company. He takes over from Dr Berndt Singer, who will retire on 1 May 2012 after a successful 25-year career at the company.

Dr Quotschalla has a PhD in chemistry and most recently worked in research and development at Schwarz Pharma, where he led international projects to develop new products and optimise processes. “Innovation only contributes to progress if it leads to sustainable establishment of innovative products on the market”, says Dr Quotschalla. The new head of research and development has the task of, together with his team, developing effective products that will continue to ensure economical supply to the production industry even when raw materials become even more scarce and expensive. This applies to the machining industry, which relies on modern high-performance coolants, and all industrial manufacturing, which depends on high-performance greases for the reliable lubrication of roller and friction bearings.

These greases are also used in wind power stations and sophisticated adjustment mechanisms in cars, for wheel bearings and train door opening systems, and for the lubrication of ship propellers. Dr Quotschalla: “Because we know that certain raw materials and additives will be in short supply in the near future, we are developing the special lubricants of tomorrow, today.”