Thickeners as a component of lubricating greases

2021-08-03T14:41:30+02:00Expertise, Glossary, Lubricating greases, Products|

Technical article by Andreas Faßbender, Dipl.-Ing. (FH), Rhenus Lub GmbH & Co KG How do you transport water in a sieve? Who doesn’t remember being asked this question by their physics teacher in secondary school? The expected and usual [...]

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What you need to know about formaldehyde and formaldehyde depots in rhenus coolants

2019-02-05T14:28:37+01:00Expertise, Glossary, Knowledge, Products, Responsibility, Sustainability|

Formaldehyde1 has been classified by the Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC) as both "Carcinogen category 1B" and "Mutagen category 2". However, under the directive for the classification of formaldehyde, there is no change to labelling requirements and no obligation [...]

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Health and safety in production machining — productively implemented using the T-O-P-model


  The term "Health and Safety" should be understood to be far-reaching, especially in production machining. This is because modern health and safety is preventative and does not wait for damage or events to occur before modifications or improvements [...]

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Coolant for grinding gear teeth

2017-05-02T16:11:59+02:00Coolants, Expertise|

When it comes to hard-finishing of high-precision gear teeth, users have set the bar high. Coolants need to effectively contribute toward achieving high performance in terms of safety, precision and machining speed. Participants learned how to reliably achieve this [...]

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