Thickeners as a component of lubricating greases

2021-08-03T14:41:30+02:00Expertise, Glossary, Lubricating greases, Products|

Technical article by Andreas Faßbender, Dipl.-Ing. (FH), Rhenus Lub GmbH & Co KG How do you transport water in a sieve? Who doesn’t remember being asked this question by their physics teacher in secondary school? The expected and usual [...]

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Steel production demands outstanding lubricants

2018-10-30T16:11:50+01:00Industry portrait, Knowledge, Lubricating greases, Products|

For decades, architects and builders have been relying on steel as a strong component of stable high-rise buildings and bridges. But this versatile material is also used for underwater pipelines and even everyday goods such as knives and forks. [...]

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Multi-purpose greases: Is lithium the only answer?

2018-08-28T15:24:08+02:00Lubricating greases, Press release, Products|

Moving to calcium-based products at an early stage stabilises the budgeting process When it comes to multi-purpose greases, lithium-based products dominate the worldwide market. Two of the main reasons many engineers and users favour lithium greases are their properties [...]

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rhenus hybrid greases improve bearing lubrication in demanding conditions

2018-08-28T09:46:18+02:00Lubricating greases, Press release|

New EP technology reduces re-lubrication requirements and lowers maintenance costs Roller bearings and plain bearings play a crucial role in pressure absorption during movement in machines and plants. However, bearings can only be successful as key machine components when [...]

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A quantum leap in the manufacturing of special greases

2017-06-29T15:23:08+02:00Industry 4.0, Lubricating greases, Research & Development|

Smart Factory in Mönchengladbach put into operation Industry 4.0 is a term used to refer to the intelligent linking of all production processes in a company. The digital age is well underway at Rhenus Lub. With the comprehensive modernisation of [...]

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