Oberbürgermeister Hans Wilhelm Reiners, Inhaber Dr. Max Reiners, Isabella Kleeschulte

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Donation campaign makes modernising the playground at “Dahlener End” possible

Donation campaign makes modernising the playground at “Dahlener End” possible
Working together, Rhenus Lub and the city of Mönchengladbach have created an opportunity to have more fun when playing in the Rheindahlen neighbourhood “Dahlener End”. They did this by fully updating the approximately 1500-m² playground there. A donation by the Mönchengladbach-based family-owned company Rhenus Lub, whose headquarters are also located in Rheindahlen, made this possible.

“As a city, we are naturally very pleased when a company like Rhenus Lub approaches us on their own and helps”, stated Mönchengladbach’s mayor Hans-Wilhelm Reiners at the official donation ceremony. “Without the commitment of the companies based here, the quality of life in Mönchengladbach would not be as high as it is today”. Thanks to the joint efforts of the local authority and the business world, the previously rather dreary playground has been transformed into an exciting exploration zone.

The 25-year-old metal monkey bars have disappeared. Now, an over two-metres-high, multifunctional climbing structure with rope ladder, rungs, sliding pole and climbing wall invites children from the neighbourhood to explore and discover. The previous seat swings were replaced with a cosy bird’s nest swing; the other equipment in the playground was also fully modernised.

Dr Max Reiners, CEO of Rhenus Lub, also knows how important this project is for the girls and boys in the Dahlener End neighbourhood: “Today in particular with such a focus on technology, children need areas where they can meet friends, run, climb, dig and cavort. That is why, when the city authority suggested we put forward this year’s Christmas donation for this playground in the neighbourhood where our company’s headquarters are located, we immediately agreed”.

As a medium-sized company, Rhenus Lub places high value on responsibility: for its own employees, for the environment and for the immediate area. It is for this reason that the family-owned company has contributed to numerous social and cultural projects in the region for many years. “Entrepreneurial commitment should always start at one’s own front door”, emphasizes Dr Max Reiners. “Ultimately, local responsibility and global presence are equally important”.