We take responsibility

Sustainability and responsibility for people and the environment are deeply rooted in our company culture. This is how we think and act in the production of our products, in cooperation with our partners and in numerous initiatives.

We let the facts speak for themselves with the coolant of tomorrow

rhenus fu800

With rhenus FU 800, we have successfully developed a water-miscible, pioneering coolant, combining all the properties that are beneficial to users and the environment in the spirit of our commitment to corporate responsibility.

During the development of rhenus FU 800, we consciously avoided ingredients such as boron compounds, amines and formaldehyde depots. Its low pH value also means it is particularly kind to users’ skin. For more information about rhenus FU 800, please click here.

Resource-saving production


We find that a careful treatment of raw materials and saving CO2 are important. This is why we develop and produce high-performance yet environmentally and human compatible premium products according to the latest standards; safe in manufacture, application and disposal.

We are certified in accordance with the environmental management system ISO 14001 as documentation of our company’s service to the environment.


REACh is the EU-wide directive for registration, evaluation (assessment) and authorization (approval and restriction) of chemicals ((EC) directive no. 1907/2006). All raw materials and additives in rhenus high-performance lubricants are registered according to the strict regulations of REACh. Together with a Europewide consortium with other lubricant manufacturers, Rhenus Lub also ensures that all chemical products that are used in high-performance greases from Mönchengladbach are proactively researched, documented and registered.

Environmental protection with biodegradable greases

Rhenus lubricating greases can particularly play-off their specific advantages in applications where sustainable environmental protection is important. Rhenus lubricating greases are used in rolling and slide bearings in the construction industry, in mining or tunneling or in rail transport for example and are fully degraded in the ground or water by biochemical processes.

All biodegradable Rhenus lubricants conform to the European DIN CEN/TR 16227 standard.

Arbeitssicherheit und Gesundheitsschutz

Work safety and health protection

We take responsibility. As a pre-requisite for continuity and success, we develop particularly skin compatible coolants – 100 % free from amine and boric acidRL. We go beyond the valid national and international standards for the health and safety of your employees. Our own production works according to the same principles with respect to work safety and health.