Rhenus Lub will remain a family-owned company in the future thanks to the fourth generation of the Reiners family: Désirée Reiners, Isabella Kleeschulte, Dr Max Reiners, Christopher Reiners, Caroline Reiners (from left to right).

New partners of family-owned company Rhenus Lub based in Mönchengladbach introduced

Lubricant manufacturer Rhenus Lub is paving the way for the future. All of Dr Max Reiners’ children – Isabella Kleeschulte, Désirée Reiners, Caroline Reiners and Christopher Reiners – have been partners in the family-owned company since 21 January 2021. Along with their father, they are very much looking forward to taking on their upcoming duties. Their common goal is to successfully lead Rhenus Lub into the future and further enhance its position as a reliable family-owned company driven by innovation.

Stimuli from the young generation

By welcoming its new partners, Rhenus Lub is taking a strong step towards securing the company’s future so that it can continue to act as a responsible partner to its customers. “Establishing a clear succession arrangement in a timely manner is key to the successful continuation of a family-owned company,” explained Dr Max Reiners, adding: “The four new partners each hold an equal share in the company. This will foster solidarity amongst the siblings and thus the long-term survival of Rhenus Lub as a family-owned company.” At the same time, the young generation will provide important stimuli for Rhenus Lub’s ecological and digital transformation. They will make a significant contribution towards further strengthening the Mönchengladbach site with innovation and sustainable concepts for the future.

Reliability based on experience

Tradition-steeped company Rhenus Lub, founded in 1882 by Wilhelm Schlafhorst, was taken over by the Reiners family in 1911 and has been run by it ever since. Dr Max Reiners has managed the Mönchengladbach-based company since 1989.

Rhenus Lub’s management has remained the same. Dr Max Reiners is still in charge of the company alongside Dr Frank Hentrich and Meinhard Kiehl.

The new partners at a glance

Isabella Kleeschulte

(*1979, married, 2 children)

  • Trained advertising agent
  • Studies: BSc (Hons) in International Equine and Agriculture Business Management, Royal Agriculture University, Cirencester
  • Occupation: Active at Rhenus Lub for 12 years, currently working in Strategy and Social Affairs

Désirée Reiners

(*1985, in a relationship, 1 child)

  • Studies: Master of Arts UZH (Business Administration), University of Zurich, Zurich
  • Occupation: Head of Marketing at a company, Zurich

Caroline Reiners

(*1996,  single)

  • Studies: Master in Management, University of Sydney & CEMS; BSc (with distinction) in Business Administration, Colorado State University, Fort Collins
  • Occupation: Consultant at an international management consultancy, Munich

Christopher Reiners

(*1998, single)

  • Studies: BSc in Mathematics, University of Bonn
  • Occupation: Founder and Chairman of Corona School e. V. and Project Coordinator of transnational education project Digitale Drehtür
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