rhenus CXS – practical test proves high performance on machines of leading manufacturers

High process reliability with full-form grinding with CBN grinding wheels guaranteed by the special oil rhenus CXS. The universal grinding oil combines the best features of various non-water-miscible coolants for grinding, honing and finishing processes. With a viscosity of 10mm²/s at 40 degrees Celsius, rhenus CXS guarantees high cooling efficiency, as well as optimal filtering and low evaporation tendency. In this way, the innovative high-performance grinding oil significantly improves production quality in the machining of gear teeth and profile parts. This also convinced leading machine tool manufacturers: rhenus CXS is approved for use in machines from the companies Reishauer AG, Gleason Corporation, Kapp Group (brands NILES and KAPP) and Junker Maschinenfabrik.

The chlorine and zinc-free special oil is equally suitable for machining low and high alloy steels in soft, tempered or hardened states. With a performance indicator of 151 percent according to the test specifications of the Kapp Group, it ensures optimum machining results in machine and grinding wheel interaction. At the same time, rhenus CXS prevents grinding burn under full utilisation of the machine capacity. So Rhenus Lub customers can increase the utilisation of their production by switching to the new high-performance lubricant.

A practical test in ongoing industrial production also confirmed the high performance of rhenus CXS. In cooperation with a leading automotive supplier, the lubricant experts from Rhenus Lub used the grinding oil, rhenus CXS, in different machines from the manufacturers Reishauer, Nagel and Fässler, which were previously filled with machine oils from other providers. For operations such as gear grinding, belt finishing, gear flank honing or shaft grinding, high assessment standards were applied for the operating parameters. The results: The universal grinding oil from Rhenus Lub oil is very suitable for all types of machine and provides high performance in terms of process reliability, grinding burn behaviour and surface quality.

What is special about rhenus CXS? With the product, it is possible to combine different non-water-miscible oils, which are usually used on the designated gear machines. Rhenus Lub gives customers the opportunity to significantly reduce production costs, maintenance costs and storage capacity, thus increasing the efficiency of the production chain in the long term.