The new product range saves up to 50 percent in costs thanks to reduced re-lubrication intervals

High-speed electric motors, steel works, continuous casting plants, hot-gas ventilators and bearings subjected to high loads in agriculture and forestry or the construction industry – one extreme is followed by another in many areas of application. This places considerable demands on lubricating greases. Lubricant expert Rhenus Lub’s new polyurea greases are products that are predestined for use in extreme conditions. The innovative lubricating greases of the latest generation work reliably in the most demanding environments and offer users maximum process and occupational safety.

Not a problem for Rhenus Lub’s new polyurea greases: Extreme conditions in which construction machinery is used.

Tough and cost-saving in the long term

Rhenus Lub’s polyurea greases are designed for all roller bearings and plain bearings subjected to high pressure and impact loads and can also be used in extreme conditions, such as heat, water, dust and dirt. This means the new rhenus product range can be used in a wide range of sectors and areas of application: for example, the steel industry, the construction industry, mining, agriculture and forestry, as well as machine tools and plain bearings. In addition, the high-performance lubricating greases are very well suited to central lubrication systems and generally compatible with common elastomers.

Robust, reliable, efficient: Rhenus Lub’s polyurea greases impress with a considerably longer duration of use compared to conventional thickener technology. Overall, there is less need for re-lubrication. The polyurea greases also help to lengthen the service life of plant and machine parts. With potential savings of up to 50 percent, it is very economically attractive to users.

Optimally suited for use in electric motors

Polyurea greases have excellent heat resistance. As a result, the high-performance products are especially suitable for lubrication in the higher temperature range. Dr Marco Pfeiffer, Head of Product Management & Sales Greases at Rhenus Lub, explains why this is so important in the emerging e‑mobility sector: “The latest generation of electric drives requires increasingly higher rotational speeds, which generate significantly higher continuous temperatures than conventional combustion engines. This not only places higher demands on the roller bearings but also on the lubricants used in them, because these usually have to provide maximum performance throughout the service life of the car.”

This is not a problem for polyurea greases. Thanks to their robust formulation, these high-performance lubricating greases are ideally suited to high working temperatures and prolonged use in moderate temperatures. Rhenus Lub is thus helping all users who want to make the mobility transition with electric drives a success.

rhenus polyurea greases at a glance

  • Can be used where considerable heat is generated and in extreme environmental conditions such as dirt, dust and water
  • For roller bearings and plain bearings subjected to high pressure and impact loads at high bearing temperatures
  • Particularly cost-effective thanks to reduced re-lubrication intervals and prolonged duration of use
  • High-performance technology: shear-stable, oxidation-resistant and water-resistant
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