rhenus FU 60 – hhigh-performance lubricant for demanding machining

Rhenus Lub GmbH & Co KG has developed and successfully used in practice the EP coolant rhenus FU 60 for the most demanding cutting operations on titanium, aluminium, aluminium alloys (silumin) and almost all hard steel qualities and special materials.

The mineral oil-free fluid was formulated on the basis of synthetic greases and completely dispenses with the addition of amines and boric acid. In this way, the innovative water-miscible coolant combines high standards of industrial safety with great technical performance. “With about 45 percent of ester oil in concentrate, our customers prefer to use rhenus FU 60 as an extremely powerful coolant in all demanding machining procedures, such as drilling, milling and threading operations, in which the tools are subject to high stresses, but where service lives and surface quality must still be ensured”, explains Stephan Klaue from Product Management at Rhenus Lub. “The water-miscible EP coolant was approved for demanding machining of titanium, aluminium and its alloys, and provides the best results there”.

Numerous practical applications have shown that rhenus FU 60 has a special combination of high performance, good anti-wear properties and excellent flushing action. The fluid therefore reliably achieves the required work piece quality, even in the most difficult operations – such as the cutting of titanium with high abrasion performance – while ensuring long tool service life. This saves costs. High productivity with consistent work piece quality can only be guaranteed for coolants with products, such as rhenus FU 60. This is why renowned customers from the aerospace industry and their suppliers are already relying on the performance of the environmentally friendly lubricant from Mönchengladbach in their production.

As a coolant from the amine and boron-free range from Rhenus Lub, the high-performance product rhenus FU 60 meets all important industrial health and safety requirements. The water-miscible coolant is therefore also free from additives, such as chlorine, nitrate and mineral oil. Thanks to its low pH value, rhenus FU 60 is distinguished in its application by good skin compatibility, and is classified as water hazard class 1.