Rhenus Lub invests a further EUR 150,000 in laboratory equipment, saving their customers money

To provide customers in future with an even faster and more comprehensive service, Rhenus Lub GmbH & Co KG has invested over EUR 150,000 in expanding its own capacity for research and development. With immediate effect, the the modern laboratory equipment in Mönchengladbach has been expanded by two new high-performance devices – an SFA (segmented flow analysis) from Skalar and a capillary electrophoresis from Beckman.

“With these new acquisitions, we are making a significant contribution to our customers’ production security and profitability. As a special service, we regularly check, on the basis of samples, the quality of the coolant emulsions, which are used in manufacturing at our customers, explains Dr. Udo Quotschalla, Head of Research & Development at Rhenus Lub. Thanks to the new equipment, the company can obtain more detailed information about the composition of the product and material samples, and thus increase the quality of the recommendations for improvement. The lubricant experts can thus already react immediately to very small variations in quality – for example, with another additive – thereby making metal working at their customers more stable and efficient.

Every year, Rhenus Lub analyses around 10,000 coolant samples on behalf of customers. As even the smallest deviations in lubricant quality can have a major impact on the entire production process, the lubrication experts assure their partners of a detailed analysis within 48 hours. “So the two new high-performance devices are already proving themselves as an added value for our customers within the shortest period of time. Thanks to the rapid delivery of precise information on the state of the lubricants which are used, reliability of the metal working overall increases significantly. Because nothing is more expensive than rejects or even a machine failure”, highlights Dr. Udo Quotschalla.

The new laboratory equipment will also make a contribution in the research and development of high-performance lubricants. In state-of-the-art laboratories the employees of Rhenus Lub are working intensively, among other things, on basic research on matters of tribiology and rheology, that is, lubrication technology and the flow properties of the greases of tomorrow.