Project Description

Steel industry technology
Active protection in demanding environments

The operating conditions throughout the process chain in the steel industry are extreme. High temperatures, acids, dust, vapors and other mediums clog up machines and systems. rhenus lubricating greases offer active protection, components remain clean from the inside, friction, and wear and corrosion are also reduced so that systems can run at full performance without any unscheduled stoppages in production.

We also offer rhenus coolants for the steel industry that ensure a long service life in roll grinding for example.

  • Lubricants for full steel manufacturing – from preparation of raw materials through to processing in the steelworks, from continuous casting plants through to cold and warm rolling mills
  • High lubrication effect
  • Reduced consumption of lubricants due to a longer service life
  • Longer life span for components and machines
  • Choice of biodegradable lubricating greases
  • SEB approvals

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