Identify problems before they occur

Excessive foaming, poor heat dissipation or foreign matter in the operating emulsion — when difficulties occur in the fluid process, it is often worth critically evaluating the operating volume of the processing machines. Could it be that the volume is too low?

As many users will already know, alongside the products used, the volume of coolant emulsion is another important factor within the production process. The lower the volume, the more frequently the emulsion is circulated over the course of an hour — and the less time remains for cooling as well as releasing of air and foreign matter.

Our Advice: during the construction or acquisition of new processing machines, make sure that the coolant circuit is adequately sized and that the coolant container is always filled to the maximum level.

This will ensure optimum reliability, cost-efficiency and quality throughout your production process. The following table shows how you can determine the optimum operating volume based on a few key figures.

Formulas help to calculate coolant volumes

VDI 3035 Coolant Volume

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