Rhenus Lub expands product range for tracks and railways

The Mönchengladbach-based lubricant manufacturer Rhenus Lub has launched the new rhenus LKO 2 to provide an extremely low friction coefficient and, in this way, achieve significant reductions in CO₂ emissions. It is especially well-suited for use in special applications in the railway industry, for instance, lubricating bow collectors and pantographs, such as one leg pantographs or diamond pantographs. Even at room temperature, rhenus LKO 2 reduces friction in bearings under high loads and provides exceptionally high performance up to high temperatures. Thanks to innovative additivation, customers benefit from a considerably longer service life of the grease. An additional benefit: The product is applied exceptionally well by central lubrication systems.

Dr Piotr Tkaczuk, head of product management for greases at Rhenus Lub says: “With this grease, we have once again supplemented our expertise in the field of rail transportation and track systems in a meaningful manner. In addition to high a level of safety, reliability and efficiency, this lubricant offers a genuine environmental benefit”. For years, Rhenus Lub has been one of the leading companies when it comes to reducing the costs for maintenance and repair of rail vehicles as well as track and signalling systems through the use of the correct lubricant: In wheel bearings, sprockets, buffers, switch plates and signalling systems, rhenus lubricants achieve extremely long service lives and support maximum operational reliability. The products rhenus BDG 02, rhenus LWW 2 GE and rhenus LKI 2 are three additional innovative examples from the product range of the specialist for rail lubricating greases:

Biodegradable grease for wheel flanges

rhenus BDG 02 grease is about to receive official approval by the testing institutes for the rail industry as an innovative wheel flange lubricant. The solvent-free grease impresses above all with its high adhesion properties. Users in the railway industry also benefit from the lubricant’s good conveying properties in central lubrication systems. Thanks to its rapid biodegradability, rhenus BDG 02 is especially environmentally friendly.

Wheelset bearing lubrication with new technology

The special grease rhenus LWW 2 GE is well-suited for use in wheelset bearings in particular. The universal lithium EP lubricant is the first grease in its class to feature the innovative PSLF+ additive technology. PSLF+ stands for “Plane Surface — extreme Low Friction”. Rhenus Lub customers additionally benefit from the ability to extend the service life of roller and plain bearings subjected to high loads in the long term.

For high pressure absorption at shafts and joints

Customers expect rolling material on the rails to withstand particularly high thermal and mechanical loads. Lubricating greases such as rhenus LKI 2—developed by the experts at Rhenus Lub for the lubrication of cardan shafts and universal joints—guarantee this. It is characterised, among other things, by its high pressure absorption capacity.