rhenus TU 43

With rhenus TU 43, Rhenus Lub GmbH & Co KG has formulated a universal coolant, which combines high performance, efficiency and process reliability. The lubricant proves convincing in use, thanks to powerful special additives in various operations – from milling to drilling through to thread cutting – and thus achieves best results in the demanding cutting of steel and cast iron materials through to titanium and aluminium alloys. At the same time, rhenus TU 43 keeps top-up concentrations very low due to fine dispersion and a stable pH value. This enables users to reduce the consumption of coolant by 20 to 30 percent, compared to competitive products, and to achieve cost savings.

“By switching to rhenus TU 43, companies can sustainably optimise their production processes through very low top-up concentrations and up to double the emulsion service life. In addition, the consumption of floating agents is significantly reduced”, says Stephan Klaue, Product Manager at Rhenus Lub. Thanks to excellent flushing behaviour, rhenus TU 43 guarantees clean machinery, tools and work pieces, so the cleaning costs are reduced. Users can, however, significantly extend machine service lives with lower maintenance costs.

“The balance between high performance, reliable stability and good environmental and human compatibility makes rhenus TU 43 a true multi-talent among coolants, as well as a valuable problem-solver”, says Stephan Klaue. When developing the formula, the lubricant specialist deliberately refrained from adding boric acid, and thus already fulfils today the legal requirements of tomorrow for environmental and industrial safety. rhenus TU 43 contains no components which are listed in the SVHC (06/12). The product has no mandatory labelling requirements.