With rhenus FU 800, Rhenus Lub has introduced an extremely attractive product for users who do not wish to compromise on either health and safety or performance, valuing both in equal measure.

Developers at Rhenus Lub have succeeded in developing a product that once seemed impossible: a coolant that meets the highest requirements in terms of health and safety and, at the same time, provides unparalleled performance compared to other products on the market.

“I would say it’s a dream come true for us. In all the test series conducted, the product performed impressively from the outset, despite containing absolutely no amines, boric acid or formaldehyde depots. And the icing on the cake is that we have pH values in the region of 8.5 and lower”, says Dr. Hans-Jürgen Schlindwein, Head of Coolant Research & Development at Rhenus Lub.

The new coolant ties in seamlessly with tradition at Rhenus Lub. For many years, the company has been attracting attention with a string of innovations in the field of amine and boric acid-free coolants, and is now respected as the market leader in this area.

rhenus FU 800 — an all-rounder with long-term stability

The new coolant is particularly odourless and retains an appealing white colour throughout its service life. Alongside the product’s environmental and safety benefits, however, one factor is crucial for the process owner: performance.

And Rhenus Lub delivers in this respect too. The product achieves first-class results across the board in the universal processing of a range of raw materials. This has been demonstrated through extensive testing involving well-known pilot customers, who have already incorporated the product into their permanent ranges. “Finally an end has now been put to the legitimate, but often tricky discussions with health and safety officers, works councils and not least with workers themselves about skin irritations and similar reactions”, says one directly affected foreman at a large automotive supplier. “I now have peace of mind about the process and my workers are satisfied. I couldn’t ask for more”, adds the plant manager in charge, appreciating the genuine competitive advantage that using rhenus FU 800 brings to his company.

The product’s development was inspired by different companies in the machining sector, ensuring the new product is suitable for the widest range of machining processes and materials. It can be used in all machining processes from turning, drilling and milling right through to deep drilling and thread cutting. On steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals or titanium — the new product is a perfect match for machining applications. Rhenus Lub would like to point out that rhenus FU 800 also comes into its own when machining various aluminium alloys.

Reduce costs with rhenus FU 800

With rhenus FU 800, customers benefit in terms of cost-effectiveness and performance. This has been confirmed by the Starrag Group in Mönchengladbach: As a genuine test, Rhenus Lub introduced the product without explicitly mentioning its specific composition. The customer was therefore initially focussed solely on performance. Michael Bleckmann, Head of Manufacturing at the Starrag Group and in overall charge of the Group’s machining processes, is delighted with the product: “rhenus FU 800 met all our performance requirements without question. We found its flushing properties to be excellent, with good foaming behaviour. The change intervals were impressive”!

When it comes to machining in practice, the new fluid does not make compromises. Even before the sales launch, it was proven to perform extremely well in application tests involving customers from the widest range of sectors. The demonstrably high cost-effectiveness of the product stems from the combination of long-term stability and a low replenishment concentration of between 1.5% and 2.5%.

“With rhenus FU 800, we are finally able to put to rest the misconception that improved environmental and health and safety properties are always at the expense of performance”, says Dr. Hans Jürgen Schlindwein.

Multiple benefits for customers from improved health and safety

When it comes to health and safety, lubricant experts and users agree: If it’s not in the fluid in the first place, it can’t hurt you. In formulating rhenus FU 800, Rhenus Lub therefore paid particular attention to ingredients, the use of which could cause skin irritation, health hazards or even damage to the human genome according to information currently available. The result is an extremely user-friendly coolant, containing no boron, amines or formaldehyde depots.

Safe, compliant, with no need for additional training, supervision or labelling — that is what rhenus FU 800 is all about. Dr. Hans Jürgen Schlindwein, Head of Laboratory for Water-Miscible Coolants at Rhenus Lub in Mönchengladbach: “We have found a way to substitute harmful substances by using innovative compositions and ingredients. Statutory standards or health and safety requirements are therefore easily surpassed. Our researchers were tasked with finding innovative compositions to replace amine and boric acid-based additives or a formaldehyde depot, while retaining the preservative agent properties of the coolant”.

Rhenus Lub customers will benefit from the new composition in more than one way: The consistent amine-free composition of the coolant prevents the formation of dangerous carcinogenic nitrosamines. Furthermore, having excluded boric acid and formaldehyde depots, even the smallest risks posed by carcinogens or substances that are toxic for reproduction are eliminated in advance. Because the product contains nothing that could be hazardous to humans or the environment, there are no labelling requirements for the innovative coolant.

Not only does this reassure workers who handle such a coolant. Using rhenus FU 800 also removes any need for time-consuming training and even any modification to plant and machinery. This makes the new product particularly attractive to users in terms of cost-effectiveness.