Research and development

It goes without saying that as our customer, you want to implement product innovations as soon as possible. Our high-performance lubricating greases for lifetime lubrication, and our coolants, such as rhenus FU 800, which is non-hazardous to humans and the environment, with no labelling requirements or amine and boric acid additives, offer tangible benefits: Our innovations make your production process safer and more cost-effective.

For this reason, we often get asked whether it is possible for us to make our undoubtedly profit-generating product modifications or new compositions available on the market much faster. However, innovations only yield benefits if they are “market-ready” in the most literal sense of the word. This is where the issues of safety and quality take on particular significance. The name Rhenus Lub has stood for exceptional quality since 1882. With this reputation comes responsibility for the safety of processes on your premises. We want to provide you with only fully developed products that have proven their qualities in comprehensive field tests. For new greases or coolants, we allow for a period of at least twelve months’ research and development in our laboratory. Only then do the extensive practical tests begin. The field trialling of coolants can then take an additional year. In the case of lubricating greases, this process can take up to three years, depending on which tests you, the customer, want to carry out yourself. As you can see, we put safety first. As we rightly promise: Safer process. Safer profit


The Rhenus Lub development and test process in detail

Development test process

Meinhard Kiehl
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