Neat oils – low viscosity; high performance

Neat oils from Rhenus Lub are “tools” that make an essential contribution to optimization of production processes. With our high-performance oils, we meet the demands of high performance and low viscosity. efficiency, work safety and environmental protection.

Cutting and grinding oils that back up your production process

Cutting and grinding oils from Rhenus Lub are the key players in your production process. They are particularly distinguished by the following:

  • Very good cooling performance and long tool life
  • Increase of cutting speed and removal performance
  • Reduction of wear and maintenance costs
  • Assurance of surface quality and accurate sizes for workpieces
  • Less consumption due to low oil viscosity
  • No risk of abrasive burning
  • Protection due to high flash points

We also offer neat oils for special processes such as broaching, deep hole drilling, gear milling, hard metal and profile grinding, honing as well as tooth flanks and full form grinding.

Forming oils for the best form accuracy

Form accuracy and the perfect surface quality can even be achieved on complicated workpiece shapes with chlorine-free forming oils from Rhenus Lub. The application areas of cold forming extend from steel and aluminum through to copper.

Processing oils from Rhenus Lub have low emissions and are aromatic free.

GTL technology from Rhenus Lub

Try GTL technology from Rhenus Lub and see for yourself the benefits of the future-proof rhenus professional gas-to-liquid (GTL) oils.

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