Explore new possibilities with GTL-technology from Rhenus Lub

Try GTL technology from Rhenus Lub and see for yourself the benefits of the future-proof rhenus professional gas-to-liquid (GTL) oils: rhenus EHM 12 and rhenus EU 12. These products combine top performance with safety and reliability, at an excellent price-performance ratio. Free from aromatics, nitrogen, heavy metals and sulphur, as well as zinc and chlorine compounds, rhenus professional GTL oils also set new benchmarks for health and safety.

Convert to GTL technology from Rhenus Lub

Benefit from all of the advantages of our high-performance complete package:

  • Excellent health and safety

    The extremely high flash point and low oil misting enable better fire safety and occupational health conditions in the workplace
  • Long tool life

    The excellent foaming behaviour reduces wear by up to 20% and helps to significantly increase tool life
  • Low consumption

    Low evaporation levels lead to reduced fuel consumption, thus actively saving costs
  • Greater cooling effect

    Rapid separation of air allows the workpiece to be cooled more effectively

Stay future-proof — with GTL technology from Rhenus Lub.

During the GTL process, natural gas is transformed into an extremely pure synthetic base oil — the foundation for the innovative professional GTL oils from Rhenus Lub. Unlike conventional hydrocracked (HC) oils, these rhenus products are completely free from mineral oils. With rhenus professional GTL oils, you can also take advantage of numerous benefits that are usually associated with market products based on polyalphaolefins (PAO).

rhenus professional GTL oils in detail

rhenus EU 12

rhenus EU 12 is a yellow, high-performance grinding and neat oil, developed based on high-quality GTL oils. It is free of aromatics and contains no chlorine or zinc.

rhenus EU 12 is suitable for all full-form grinding operations of geared and profiled parts made from both low and high-alloy steels in a soft, tempered or hardened state, and ensures a high level of surface quality. All demanding milling operations are also suitable, such as gear manufacturing. Non-ferrous metals are not discoloured by rhenus EU 12.

It is especially reliable due to the high flash point.

Technical data at a glance:

  • Viscosity at 40°C (mm²/s): 11.7
  • Density at 20°C (g/ml): 0.82
  • Copper corrosion: Grade 1
  • Flash point: 202 °C
  • Pour point: approx. < -30°C
    (200 °C): < 10 %
  • Evaporation loss in accordance with Noack (200°C): < 10%

rhenus EHM 12

rhenus EHM 12 is a yellow, virtually odourless special grinding oil based on a high-quality, aromatic-free GTL base oil. It is free from chlorine and heavy metals such as lead, zinc and barium.

rhenus EHM 12 is suitable for grinding steel, hard metals and all types of tools. A targeted selection of raw materials in this product prevents the release of cobalt when grinding hard metals. The low viscosity offers good filterability, while the high flash point enables maximum operating safety.

Technical data at a glance:

  • Viscosity at 40°C (mm²/s): 11.5
  • Density at 20°C (g/ml): 0.81
  • Copper corrosion: Grade 1
  • Flash point: 200 °C
  • Pour point: approx. -30°C
  • Evaporation loss in accordance with Noack (200°C): approx. 8%

The Rhenus Lub conversion service: Test rhenus professional GTL oils now with no obligation!

You can make the switch with no risk by enlisting the help of our experts. Allow our conversion service to convince you: We will be on hand to assist as a partner throughout the entire process, guaranteeing that everything runs smoothly.

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