rhenus FU 800 — the future of coolant

Rhenus Lub first made coolant history with the launch of amine and boric acid-free products in 1991. In keeping with our long-standing reputation as an innovation leader in the industry, we are now set to enter a new era with our latest generation of coolant: rhenus FU 800.

The coolant market is undergoing a period of change. Health and safety and environmental factors are now a higher priority than ever before in the history of coolants. Today’s chemical legislation, such as REACH, sets the strictest framework for the industry and requires coolant manufacturers and users to rapidly rethink production and application of these products to protect both themselves and the environment.

A milestone in the history of water-miscible coolants

Rhenus Lub is going one step further. As an innovation leader, we have developed a brand new coolant formula for rhenus FU 800 — a formula that not only meets the highest standards for health and safety, but also delivers an exceptional performance and scores highly for user acceptance.

Satisfy the requirements of today and tomorrow — with rhenus FU 800

Efficient production means optimising the relationship between costs and benefits. Minimising health risks is another key focus. By opting for rhenus FU 800, you are taking proactive steps to meet your responsibilities and fulfil your duty of care as an employer.

With rhenus FU 800, you can rest assured that you are meeting current standards and satisfying the requirements of the future, too — because this water-miscible coolant far surpasses all legal requirements and presents absolutely no risk to health and safety.

Not hazardous to humans or the environment

  • Low pH value, so kind to the skin
  • Achieved a very good patch test (epicutaneous test) result
  • Quickly accepted by employees
  • Water hazard class 1

rhenus FU 800 production and health and safety benefits:

  • Satisfied employees and rapid acceptance
  • Fully approved by company doctors
  • No lost working days due to skin irritation
  • Employer fulfils duty of care towards employees
  • Unaffected by legal changes and technical regulations

No labelling requirements, future-proof, high-performance and universal

A cost-effective coolant must deliver an exceptional technical performance. The special properties of coolant mean that it also has a direct effect on the success of component machining — and the formula of the product is crucial to this success.

Until now, no supplier has succeeded in creating a coolant that combines all the benefits of amine-based and amine-free coolants — but this all changes with rhenus FU 800, a product that successfully masters this challenge.

The result is a high-performance neutral coolant without any unusual odour or appearance. After all, the best coolant is one that gets on with its job without you even knowing that it is there.

The properties offered by rhenus FU 800 in daily use is sure to impress not only production managers throughout the entire process, but also the skilled professionals working at the machine.

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