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FluidSafe is the automated measuring system for your coolants. It is the only system in the world to offer direct, real-time bacteria measurement. For reliable and high-precision process control.

Highest quality. Without compromise. Every time.

Coolant quality plays a crucial role in the success of the production process. FluidSafe keeps your coolant in optimal condition while ensuring your processing machines remain fully functional. But it also enables you to achieve and adjust the ideal values in order to optimise the service life of your coolant system. For stable processes and outstanding production results, including a long-term documentation function.

Modern coolant measurement for modern production processes.

Measure and monitor your coolants with FluidSafe. It is simple, fully automated and completely reliable. It turns fluids into a stable variable that can be planned in your production process. FluidSafe helps you to implement a modern production process with flexible data evaluation from any location. Anytime, anywhere — fully in line with Industry 4.0.

In real time, the intelligent system continuously calculates the key influencing factors for your coolants: concentration, conductivity, pH value and bacteria level. You will receive automatic notifications — but only if a value is incorrect. This keeps the fluid process stable over the long term, and you will only need to intervene if the coolants actually require attention. Reduce your costs and make better use of your capacity.

Complete control of coolants. Efficient and reliable.

FluidSafe is the innovative solution for automatic coolant measuring. Eliminate coolants as the cause of faults in your overall machining process and avoid the costly work of a complete fluid replacement. For complete control every time with minimal effort.

The FluidSafe automatic measuring system — for active fluid management that complies with Industry 4.0 and makes your processes more reliable and efficient:

  • All key values at a glance, always up-to-date so that rapid action can be taken
  • Evaluation directly in FluidSafe and with flexibility at the workstation
  • Extensive documentation on coolant quality showing trends and history so that information can be tracked back at any time
  • Improved corrosion prevention and tool protection for a seamless production process
  • Extended coolant service life and fluid saving of up to 10% avoids premature replacement
  • Optimal process results, highest workpiece quality and less waste
  • Increased skin and health protection reduces absences due to illness
  • Compliant with REACH and TRGS 611 requirements
  • FluidSafe monitors the coolants while you get on with your job

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FluidSafe is installed directly on the central system and can be used for multiple processing machines. The display shows key performance indicators for the emulsion in a user-friendly format, making operation extremely easy.

How you benefit: Only FluidSafe measures the bacteria level directly

Water-miscible coolants provide an ideal nutrient base for bacterial growth. You need to continuously monitor the bacteria level so that you can take action quickly in emergency situations and prevent a deterioration or complete replacement of the coolant.

  • FluidSafe measures the bacteria level directly
  • No inaccurate estimates
  • Consistently reliable real-time measurements
  • Only system of its type in the world

Try FluidSafe from Rhenus Lub and transform your coolants into a consistently stable variable.

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