rhenus LKX 2 – Safe use of ore mills, large excavators, conveyors & co.

Heavily loaded plain and rolling bearings, as well as tooth wheels and bolts in mining, quarrying, agriculture and forestry, and also in wheel bearings for railway vehicles or trucks, have to provide top performance with high reliability even under the most adverse operating conditions. Rhenus Lub GmbH & Co KG has developed the innovative high-performance lubricant, rhenus LKX 2, especially for use under the strongest pressure load, high temperatures, extreme humidity and shock-like movements. Thanks to special additives and a synergetic combination of solid lubricants, the long-term grease has a strong welding force (measured on a four-ball tester), and is extremely mechanically stable. In this way, it can easily withstand pressures of up to 7,000 Newtons (N). Fine Teflon particles reduce friction between the metal surfaces. rhenus LKX 2, which was formulated for lifetime lubrication, demonstrated in a practical test safe protection of the machines used and significantly extended the service life and maintenance cycles in some cases.

Mining and quarrying are known for placing the highest demands on the lubricants used; conveyors and crushers, excavators and transport vehicles, earth moving machinery, drilling equipment and washing machines often run automatically – and under extreme conditions. With its good water resistance, excellent capacity in centralised lubrication systems, and a temperature range of -25 to +150 degrees Celsius, the long-term grease, rhenus LKX 2, ensures smooth running of the machine, even in the toughest weather conditions.

“With rhenus LKX 2, we provide our customers with a robust and high-performance grease that is just as age-resistant as it is mechanically stable”, says Dr. Piotr Tkaczuk, Product Manager for Greases at Rhenus Lub. “The EP grease securely adheres to the site, providing bearings with protection from corrosion over the entire lifetime of the machine”. rhenus LKX 2 is is thus optimal for all applications in which machines are exposed to wind and rain, scorching heat and icy frost on a daily basis.