Machining non-ferrous metals and aluminium

Rhenus Lub GmbH & Co KG has developed the high-alloy drawing oil, rhenus DU 42 P, specifically for the demanding profiling of non-ferrous metals and aluminium materials. In machining, the new profiling product has already proven itself in the deep drawing of aluminium sleeves, which are produced in three stages because of their height of up to 20 millimetres and a diameter of six to ten millimetres. Users also achieve optimal results in the extrusion of brass alloys in the manufacture of contact pins for Euro plugs, for example. Here, the high-performance oil can be both sprayed and drizzled onto the lubricating surfaces, thanks to its viscosity of 42 mm2/s. It forms a uniform thin film of grease on the entire metal surface and secures the demanding profiling process.

In practice, very clean, bright-polished surfaces are a feature of many work pieces, which were produced using rhenus DU 42 P.

In the formulation of rhenus DU 42 P, Rhenus Lub consistently refrained from using substances containing chlorine which are toxic to the environment and generate very high disposal costs. rhenus DU 42 P proves that chlorine-free profiling oils achieve very good results and meet all current legal requirements, as well as requirements of user and environmental friendliness at the same time.