rhenus FU 850

The consistent, ambitious innovation of the rhenus brand and the high market acceptance of amine and boric acid-free coolantsRL has led to a quantum leap in product performance.

With the latest coolant, rhenus FU 850, Rhenus Lub has developed a high-performance coolant, which opens up new areas. rhenus FU 850 is based on innovative raw materials concepts, which guarantee rinsing effect, dispersity and corrosion protection over a broad pH range of 7.5 to 8.5. The resulting product stability provides sustainable machining processes and increases productivity. The long-term stability is achieved through the pioneering product design with no additional bactericide. With no risk of complexation from heavy metals through amines, and thanks to high skin tolerability due to the low pH value, rhenus FU 850 increases health protection.

“With rhenus FU 850, our customers can emphasise proactive health protection and constant machining performance already at the lubricant selection stage”, explains Stephan Klaue, Product Manager at Rhenus Lub. “At the same time, the modern fluid proves convincing through its good technical properties”.

Another plus point: rhenus FU 850 can be used with many different materials and machining processes. The water-miscible EP coolant proves convincing in all difficult cutting operations of aluminium, cast iron, high alloy steels and non-ferrous metals through good flushing action, high long-term stability and low loss of volume.

Chemistry graduate, Stephan Klaue: “In machining, customers benefit from the universality of our new premium product. This provides security in the machining process”.