Dr Günter Krings, member of the German parliament, visits Mönchengladbach-based flagship company

As a member of the Parliamentary Advisory Council on Sustainable Development, Dr Günter Krings, a member of the German Parliament, visited the family business in Mönchengladbach on Tuesday, 17 July 2012 to learn about its environmental commitment. The meeting focused on the cooperation between Rhenus Lub and the United Nations Global Compact organisation, which began in April 2011. Global Compact encourages partnerships with companies that advocate sustainable social, environmental and economic globalisation. Dr Max Reiners, CEO of Rhenus Lub, emphasised: “We are dedicated to our corporate responsibility and are proud to be able to show our guest a variety of sustainability activities — both within our company and involving our customers.” Targeted selection of raw materials, optimised logistics and energy-saving production are three key elements that are helping the company to improve the environmental balance in a sustainable way.

A special highlight of the visit was a tour of the most modern grease production plant in Europe, which features environmentally friendly production. The company uses excess heat energy and returns it to the heating circuit. This saves energy and makes a considerable contribution to environmental conservation.

The ultra-modern laboratories at Rhenus Lub also made a lasting impression on the member of parliament from Mönchengladbach. The laboratories are where the lubricant specialists develop effective products, which are already ensuring that the production industry is supplied in an economical and environmentally friendly way. They are also used to develop innovative coolants and greases for low consumption and improved occupational health and safety. “We also support our customers in improving the sustainability of their production processes by analysing on-site operational procedures and providing extensive product advice”, emphasises Dr Max Reiners.