Coolant: Fluid management helps to save costsn

The Mönchengladbach lubricant specialist, Rhenus Lub GmbH & Co. KG, is making the fluid process completely transparent with a new evaluation measure. Only someone who knows exactly all parameters of his process can also make adjustments, commented Rhenus Lub on the improved concept. “With our code methods, we show customers from the metal working industry how rhenus lubrineering makes sustainable cost savings”, says the new sales manager for the area Björn LinevandeBerg. With methodical code systems, the entire machining process becomes more transparent, comparable and thus more efficient. LinevandeBerg also knows: “It’s not always easy to give up what has already been proven and to test something new. But when I already know that I will be much better afterwards and still make savings, it is obvious that I need to do so”. After all, already more than 60 customers have made their production processes leaner and more transparent with rhenus lubrineering. And all this with virtually no risk: Because the customer knows in advance, due to specifications, process analyses and calculations, which production of costs can be saved in the defined project through rhenus lubrineering.

The experience from procedures which have already been implemented proves that Rhenus Lub customers save an average of 18.3 percent of process costs which are influenced by fluids. Since fluids themselves can constitute up to 18 percent of total production costs, customers of Rhenus Lub are more efficient and competitive.

rhenus lubrineering improves the production process sustainably through specific management of the key parameters. The lifetimes of used coolants are much longer, tool and machine wear are minimised and the surface quality of the work pieces is increased.