The robust new development from Rhenus Lub makes life easier for users

With rhenus TS 440, Rhenus Lub presents an innovative coolant where the lubricant specialist’s entire focus is on functionality. Thanks to its new long-term stability concept based on the latest coolant technology, rhenus TS 440 is unrivalled in terms of robustness. It is also exceptionally easy to maintain and reduces the burden imposed on production staff due to being especially easy to handle. rhenus TS 440 thereby meets the highest demands in terms of quality and process reliability while at the same time exhibiting optimal environmental friendliness and human tolerance. The new coolant has been developed for a wide variety of applications and is therefore very well suited for companies with constantly varying tasks and challenging production conditions.

Durable and extremely user-friendly

As one of the preferred development partners for industrial companies, Rhenus Lub is aware of the challenges of modern manufacturing operations. More and more users are demanding a coolant that is robust and easy to use, but that is also future-proof and economical. Rhenus Lub constantly focuses its efforts on meeting market demands, and with rhenus TS 440 has been able to combine the key performance factors into a single product. Daniele Kleinmann, Head of Product Management Coolants at Rhenus Lub: “From the very beginning, we gave equal priority to simplicity, versatility and performance during development. The result is an extremely durable product that is unique on the market is terms of this combination of characteristics. The robust composition reduces the burden on our customers. The coolant does not have significant maintenance requirements, thereby helping customers to concentrate fully on their core processes.”

Flexible applications options, good performance figures

Alongside the extraordinary functionality, reliable and flexible use under varying conditions are some of the essential requirements that Rhenus Lub can answer in the affirmative with rhenus TS 440. The water-miscible coolant can be used for grinding, turning, drilling, milling and thread-cutting operations with consistently high quality. Designed for cast iron and steel, the coolant has also been successfully used with other materials and alloys such as stainless steel, aluminium, non-ferrous metals or plastic. As a result, only the one coolant is required in many scenarios, simplifying handling for users and helping to save time and money.

rhenus TS440 Foaming behaviour

In addition, users also benefit from excellent performance data. The excellent flushing behaviour and rapid foam decay also allow the process to run smoothly and make it significantly more reliable. Not to mention, rhenus TS 440 does not leave any residues; processing machines remain clean as a result, effectively reducing the need for costly cleaning processes.

No false compromises vis-à-vis health and safety and environmental protection

As a modern and future-proof coolant, rhenus TS 440 boasts a novel preservation concept. It does not contain risky ingredients such as secondary amines, formaldehyde depots, boron or DCHA-substances, yet is nevertheless extremely resistant to bacteria, fungi and yeasts. “As a result, the new product features optimal human tolerance while exhibiting good stability and also lives up to the current trends in terms of user protection, health and safety, and environmental friendliness, which we at Rhenus Lub pursued during development of rhenus TS 440,” explains Daniele Kleinmann regarding the development of the new product. “Of course, we also kept an eye on the topping-up concentration and the suspending agent consumption, and have achieved excellent values in our new coolant. This not only improves the sustainability, but also immediately delivers an appreciable cost reduction to companies.”