The rhenus FluidSafe impresses in practice

Businesses can use the rhenus FluidSafe to gain transparent insights into coolant condition — on-site and in real time. The system, developed by Rhenus Lub, measures the four key parameters of the coolant.

After using the new monitoring system, operators of central systems in particular report that it allows processes to become truly stable and cost-orientated.

The coolant becomes a constant and reliable factor in your machining process, supporting you in the same way as data that is systematically determined during the use of machines and tools.

The immediate benefits are demonstrated in two practical examples: The transparency gained via the rhenus FluidSafe encouraged a well-known automotive supplier to push its coolant to new performance levels that had previously been unattainable. In another case, a business was constantly battling against corrosion problems. Using the rhenus FluidSafe, the potential cause could be rapidly identified.

These success stories are a direct result of the following exclusive qualities:

  • High measuring sensitivity;
  • Continuity of measurements in time series analyses;
  • Complete measuring spectrum including the continuous analysis of bacterial population.

With the rhenus FluidSafe, we offer our customers a reliable and safe solution, which they can use to monitor their coolant process online at any time, reduce consumption and, above all, avoid any more unpleasant surprises.

Meinhard Kiehl

Director of Marketing and
Product Management

Phone +49 2161 5869-84

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